The Pencil Project

Teacher Promotion

Highlights from our past Winners!

Dawn Spernza

A Kindergraden Teacher at Alden Primary School, one of the beneficiaries of the 2023 Pencil Project!

Ashley Simmons

one of the beneficiaries of the 2022 Pencil Project, used some of her winnings to run weekly book club activities for her students at Erie 1 BOCES!

Rebecca Frerichs

from Wilson Elementary School bought each of her students two new chapter books, some bean bag chairs to read in, a globe, and new decorations for the classroom!

Lynn Tilton 

from Bennet Park Montessori Center #32
“With the Pencil Project grant, I was able to purchase materials for teaching phonological and phonemic awareness and phonics. In addition, I purchased books that center around the Growth Mindset. Thank you for this great opportunity!”

Mrs. Cook at Benjamin Franklin Elementary used her winnings to buy school supplies & shared with colleagues in need of materials!

Mrs. Peters at Cleveland Hill Middle School used her winnings to create art kits so her students has access to needed supplies.

“The Family of my students were so grateful they could continue to express their creativity and learn despite having to do so from home”

2020 Pencil Project Winner

Mrs. Peters, Cleveland Hill Middle School

“Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are so important; I purchased materials such as interlocking magnets, magnetic gear sets, Legos and building blocks to use to problem solve. All the students love these materials and language development and problem solving skills are utilized when we work together.”

2018 Pencil Project Winner

Mrs. Zeigler, D'Youville Porter Elementary

“I utilized my gift to fit the needs of 5th through 12th grade students with sensory issues in the school’s community-based program. I purchased cooking utensils to hone in on teaching daily living skills, fidgets to assist with concentration and focus, weighted vests for calming techniques, and so much more.”

2019 Pencil Project Winner

Mrs. Braun, Olmstead High School

“I purchased iPads for my students. They allow for collaboration with peers, engagement, and motivation in the classroom. They also teach students teamwork, problem solving, and higher order thinking skills. My students and I are thankful for the generous gift you have given us.”

2018 Pencil Project Winner

Mrs. Leitten, Spartpoint Middle School


Taking Care of Our Teachers

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